Terms & Conditions

We have to have some small print, so here it is!

Telephone bookings will be held without deposit for a maximum of 24 hours.

Deposits are non-refundable

The balance is due one month before sailing. In the event of non payment we reserve the right to re-sell your place and the deposit will be forfeited.

In the event of cancellation prior to the final balance being paid only the deposit will be lost. If cancellation is after the final payment date the client is liable to pay to outstanding balance should we be unable to re-sell the place. At the company’s discretion we may transfer the reservation to an alternative date.

We reserve the right to alter the published schedule to substitute an alternative vessel. If this is unacceptable a full refund shall be offered proportional to the course already completed. No responsibility what so ever will be accepted for air fares or other costs.

The company shall not accept claims and shall not be liable at any time for claims or expenses caused by circumstances beyond its control including sickness, accident, travel delays, theft, weather, strikes, war or civil unrest.

In the event of the company canceling a course we shall be liable only for the full refund of fees paid. No payment will be paid for incidental costs.

No student shall bring aboard any contraband, drugs or other illegal substances. Such action will result in immediate expulsion from the course and no claim will be accepted for refunds or any other costs.

Signing of the booking form signifies acceptance of our terms and conditions.

In the event a dispute is not settled by mutual agreement it is agreed that ‘The British Law Society’ shall appoint an arbiter whose decision shall be final and that wherever the dispute occurred both the client and the company shall be governed by British Law.