Summer is nearly upon and for sure we will be heading down to the local beaches and enjoying some chill time. How much we enjoy it may depend on the cleanliness of the beach and surrounding waters, so this year we are going to adopt the 'take home 3' way of thinking. Every time we visit the beach we plan to remove 3 items of plastic (or rubbish) and dispose of them correctly.

In the scheme of things its no more than a token gesture as the underlying problem is much deeper than this. But if we all do our bit with a little effort we can maybe reduce the devastation plastic and carelessly discarded rubbish has on the marine environment.

Saving our seas is in the interest of everyone who enjoys the water and beaches, the problem belongs to ALL of us and even small gestures can go a long way. so next time you visit the beach, pick up 3 bits of plastic and dispose of it properly. It will help the environment, help keep the beaches and seas clear of litter and provide you with a feel good factor for completing such a small but meaningful task.

PS - don't use plastic bags to collect the rubbish...