Fastrack Yachtmaster 16 week programme – Starts January 2019

Becoming a Yachtmaster is not easy, you need dedication, resourcefulness and plenty of sea time. To help you achieve your goals, this January we are launching a fastrack Yachtmaster programme that will test you whilst providing you with all the necessary skills to earn one of the highest and most desirable of sailing qualifications.

Dedication – the path to Yachtmaster will provide challenges and moments that will stay with you forever. To succeed you need a solid understanding of sailing and navigation theory. We will support you as much as we can, but only you can have the drive to learn all the necessary skills and knowledge required to earn the qualification and believe me there is plenty to learn.

Resourcefulness – the ability to think on your feet and overcome problems is paramount to success. Yachting turns up all kinds of challenges from sudden weather changes, to mechanical breakdowns and even people management to name a few. There is rarely a dull moment and if there is, it provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on what you have achieved on your journey so far.

Sea time – this part we can really help with. Learning to sail combines both sailing theory and practical experience. We will provide both and provide the means to apply them during navigation exercises, boat handling and passage making whilst in command of the yacht. At least 2500 nm will be covered along with all necessary passages to sit the Yachtmaster Offshore practical examination. You will both feel ready and be ready to taste success.

The first steps are the hardest and deciding to change your lifestyle, ditch the 9-5 routine and enrol on a potentially life-changing adventure is never easy. However with a positive mindset and dedication we are confident that you will not look back.

The course starts January 2019, to receive a full prospectus contact Debbie