sailing fever

Sailing Fever, a potentially life changing illness

Outbreaks of sailing fever reported in Ayamonte – Cautionary note for a newly and little known illness called sailing fever. It strikes when you least expect it, healthy adults are not immune and even those that least expect it can be affected. This disease is contagious and those suffering from this life altering battle should be careful to not infect those around them, we do not want this to become an epidemic. Once contaminated the symptoms of which there are too numerous to mention can take over your entire life. But listed are the most common to look for:

Alteration of skin tone – Darkening of the skin from British pale white to European golden is one of the primary signs. Normally caused by being outside for more than 10 minutes before having to dodge the rain.

Inexplicable behaviour – The desire to purchase your dream yacht and sail to unknown lands becomes stronger resulting in irrational behaviour and concern amongst friends, who quite frankly cannot understand why you would invest your life savings into a fibreglass shoebox and leave them behind.

Irrational behaviour – you begin to take pleasure in a good beating and thrash your crew as you tack endlessly towards a destination you will most likely not reach unaided. Unfortunately you become so blinkered in overcoming the odds that by the time you realise that help is at hand from the iron spinnaker, the crew are on the verge of staging a mutiny.

Dilution of blood cells – Blood cells both red and white are attacked by sea salt and become thinner especially when diluted with Rum which has been known to control the fever but the occasional side effect has been reported.

Incoherent speech – Not to be confused with the symptoms related to a TIA. Incoherent speech and/or slurring of words becomes evident in the affected following prolonged blood cell treatment. Suspicions point towards an over prescription of rum but this remains unproven so more research is clearly needed in this field.

Inability to accept reality – many believe that by ridding themselves of the offending yacht they will be cured. This is NOT true, once the Fever has taken hold symptoms are present for as long as your heart continues to beat .

**Treatment **of which the main ingredients are wind, sun and great fun is offered by go-n-sail who can minimise suffering by hitting you with a series of sailing fix’s, Despite being a quick fix, the drug is strong and can have a positive effect for many weeks or even months following the hit. If either yourself or anyone you know becomes affected by Sailing Fever, please contact us at go-n-sail for immediate decontamination and treatment. Once treated, should any of the symptoms return at any stage, immediate repeat treatment is necessary to ensure long term management of the symptoms.