Returning Home

Our Canary Adventure is coming to an end, or at least should be. As storm Emma batters Europe and the Beast from the East has caused havoc across mainland UK and Continental Europe we are are basking in glorious sunshine in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, one of the larger Canary Islands. However it has been extremely windy and fetch from the continuous stream of Atlantic low pressures is our primary concern as it has temporarily closed the window for our return to mainland Spain.

Weather Window

Now there are worst places to be stuck if you can call it that, but sailing in 4/5m seas and potentially 30/40knot gusts is not what you want for a 6 day crossing. So we have to accept the inevitable and stay for a little longer, such a shame but some people get impatient and take unnecessary risks. As we now have a little more time around the Islands it provides an opportunity to make the most of it and continue exploring. A couple of days ago we visited the Science Museum and today will be visiting the Military museums where they claim to house the canon that claimed Admiral Nelson’s arm during the thwarted assault on Santa Cruz de Tenerife in 1797, then we will have a final attempt to visit Mount Teide, we tried once by car but the road was closed due to snow, second attempt cable car closed due to high winds, will be it be third time lucky or will the mountain remain alien to us. Fingers crossed.

With so much still to do and see, it’s probably a good thing that the weather has allowed us to stay a few extra days.