Test your Colregs – Rule 9

As instructors it is our responsibility to ensure that students i.e. boaters are made aware of their responsibilities to comply with the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea (IRPCS or Colregs).

Keep to Starboard!

In recent months we have experienced a growing number of students who seem blissfully unaware of the requirement to enter of exit a buoyed channel by keeping to the starboard side. Thankfully whilst on the boat we can discuss and correct this but unfortunately we have also experienced on several occasions other boaters blatantly ignoring this rule and using any part of the narrow channel they see fit, this in itself is not a problem until another boater tries to use the same channel, so when more than one vessel is in the same fairways – keep to starboard.

The Colregs are something that every water users needs to be aware of, they are taught during the RYA Day Skipper course and reinforced at Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster level. Need to brush up on your theory book an online course or enquire about one to one bespoke theory sessions.

Keep Safe

Please note that the Rules are regulatory and more importantly there to keep all water users SAFE, ignoring the correct side of the fairway channel only leads to confusion and potential collisions, It’s not difficult, when in a channel you keep to the right or starboard side of the channel when other vessels are using the same channel – unless it is not safe to do so!!!