Stop Dreaming!

Stop dreaming and start doing – learn to sail with go-n-sail, sailing courses for beginners

How many times have you stood on the shoreline admiring the sailing boats drifting by. Well now you can stop dreaming and learn to sail with go-n-sail in Spain. Learning to sail is not as difficult as people would have you believe and with a little forward planning and a little luck need not cost a fortune either.

Some people have been fortunate to have already experienced the exhilaration of the yacht catching the wind and cutting its way through the water and are keen to find out more. For others it could be a lifelong dream to retire and spend a few years travelling the World’s Oceans and Seas. Whatever your driving force, the dream can become a reality.

The basics

Sailing is like building a house, if the foundations are solid the house will be good for many years to come, However if the foundations are shaky the building could collapse at any moment in time. Just like a building, a crew with solid sailing and seamanship skills will be better prepared should anything go wrong on the water.

Getting good training at an early stage is vital enrol on a sailing course for beginners. There are several schemes to get you afloat such as those taught by the RYA, ASA and IYT. The important part is to master the basics in order to provide the key skills that will permit you advance your skill level. For more information on choosing a sailing school that’s right for you click here.

Choosing a sailing school

But here are just a few of the items you should be checking out when choosing a sailing school to ensure the best return on your on your investment.

  • Ensure the course offers genuine World recognised qualifications on successful completion
  • Check reviews and forums for honest reviews on standards of tuition and service
  • Accessible locations with interesting coastlines
  • Dedication of staff to help you achieve your sailing ambitions

On top of this make sure the sailing centre is insured and can provide further levels of training to keep you progressing. Don’t forget that although sailing courses can be intensive, there should always be some downtime and comfort onboard giving you time to consolidate the knowledge imparted and ask questions to clarify any grey areas. Ultimately even if the instructor is one of the best, if the student does not put in the effort or is operating below par due to tiredness or some other reason the learning experience will not be as fulfilling as it could be, you get out what you put in…

The good news is that once you have mastered a few basics, the rest will come with time and more practice, however do not be fooled. In the end you never actually stop learning and even accomplished sailors can still be amazed at how much more they can learn.

How can I get better

Going back to basics, the natural progression ladder starts with Competent Crew, during which time you get to grips with the yachts and how sails works and more importantly the role you can play as crew in making the boat sail. Then with a few more sails under your belt, it time to crack out the study books and enrol on a Day Skipper theory course. Once completed it’s time to get afloat again and put all that new found knowledge into practice whilst completing the Day Skipper practical course. From this point onwards, the World is your oyster. With a common sense approach, a seaworthy vessel and keeping the initial trips short it won’t be long before your calling distant shores home…


Don’t bite off more than you can chew, initially keep things manageable, get quality training at an early stage and then having acquired a suitable vessel take your time and don’t rush. Sailing is a leisurely activity and rushing either leads to bad decision making or not actually experiencing any of the wonderful places you visit. Don’t wait until you are 100% ready to go, because you never will be, so when you almost there, cast off, dream big and explore this wonderful world.