RYA Coastal Skipper

RYA Coastal Skipper practical is an intermediate level course for the more ambitious Skipper ready to expand their knowledge and venture further along the coast either by day or night.

Ideally having completed the RYA Day Skipper course and gained reasonable cruising experience within their local area, they are ready for a new challenge. Our sailing courses in Spain and Portugal are both enjoyable and educational, plus the South of Spain has one of the best climates in Europe, throw in a fantastic sailing area and there really is no better place to further your sailing career.

A good understanding of sailing and navigation theory including the collision regulations (IRPCS) is essential.  So attendance of the RYA navigation theory courses and even specialist courses such as VHF radio and First Aid are recommended beforehand as there is little time to revise these subjects once we set sail. Currently we do not teach the Sea Survival and Diesel Engine RYA theory courses but may be able to arrange them during your time with us through one of our local associates, so please ask if you are interested in these subjects.

The RYA Coastal Skipper course is delivered over 5 days as an ongoing assessment with tuition unlike the higher level Yachtmaster Coastal and Offshore prep weeks where the Instructor takes on more of a coaching role. Upon successful completion the candidate is issued with a certificate stating that they have demonstrated a skill level in line with the RYA Coastal Skipper syllabus.  For those looking to sail in the Mediterranean, they can apply for an ICC directly to the Royal Yachting Association.

Want to work in the industry? The Yachtmaster Coastal (previously the Coastal Skipper DoT Certificate of Competence) is a higher level course suited to professional yacht Skippers...Read on. If you are looking for a change of lifestyle maybe our fastrack sailing courses could provide the answer, once you hold a an RYA/MCA Certificate of Competence the doors open up to delivery work and charter skipper opportunities, congratulations you can now consider yourself a professional sailor. 

Whichever course you opt for by the end of the week you should be more than competent to Skipper a yacht on longer passages by day or night. Short on knowledge? Why not brush up navigation skills with a refresher course or increase your knowlege with the one day RYA theory courses such as VHF radio, First Aid and Radar.

Has it been a while since you attended the Day Skipper training course or maybe your sailing and navigation theory has become a little rusty, why not brush up on navigation skills with a refresher course or increase you knowledge with one of the RYA theory courses such as VHF radio, First Aid and Radar, for more information on which course is right for you please read our course advisor notes. 

Join us at our sailing school in Spain and get ready to take the next step in sailing proficiency. Contact us to book your place or request more information.

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